“Natural nutrient supply with the
catch crop
as a power bank”

Easy nutrient storage

Protects against environmental influences
Gives your soil more energy
Also survives the winter
Loosens the soil
Powerbanks with cables leading into the mulched ground

Worth knowing

Summer and winter catch crops

Catch crops are sown after the main crop has been harvested. A distinction can be made between summer and winter catch crops.
The main growing season for summer catch crops is in late summer or autumn.
Winter catch crops utilise the vegetation period approx. 40 to 60 days before winter and approx. 50 to 70 days after winter.
They are usually harvested in May and April. Sowing takes place between mid-August and the end of September.
If winter catch crops in the form of grasses are sown in early summer (July), they can be harvested once in autumn as a preliminary use of the land. This significantly increases the economic efficiency of cultivation.

for the field

After selecting the components, a catch crop can root the soil very intensively and thus loosen it up. The organic matter left behind by the catch crop improves the fertility of the soil by providing valuable nutrient humus.
In addition, the provision of nutrients promotes the activity of soil life.
Additional effects of a catch crop are protection against water and wind erosion, weed suppression and, above all, the conservation of nutrients for the subsequent main crop.

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Not all mulching is equal

Mulching is one of the most important measures for building up humus. As earthworms have no teeth, the material should be served to them in bite-sized portions. Thanks to the adjustable cutting bar and infinitely variable adjustment of the shredding rate, the Müthing Vario system can optimally shred the crop residues for earthworms and the like.

“Sowing and mulching in one step,
The motto for the next dry season
is: Mulching instead of ploughing”

Catch crop – A nutrient store

  • Conserves residual nutrients after the harvest
  • Makes these available to the main crop
  • Leaves a good soil structure
Mulchen beginnt mit M – wie Müthing!