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MZO front choppers

The dream team on the field.


Our experience in the development of innovative mulching technology also has benefits for the design of our front choppers. Because shredding the crop exactly how you as the user need it is our bread and butter.

There is everything to be gained from the front of a chopper. Namely, high-quality chopped straw for a range of usage possibilities:

As a high-quality fodder due to the separation of chaff and crude ash through extensive ventilation during chopping, as well as good miscibility.

As bedding with increased suction power due to intensive fraying beforehand.

The chopped-up straw is easy to handle on a daily basis and has an increased transport density. The dust-intensive shredding already takes place on the field.

  • High throughput and good chopping quality thanks to rotor with 88 extra-long toothed rotor blades made of wear-resistant special steel that can be used on both sides
  • Two adjustable shear bars with 45 toothed blades each for different chop lengths
  • High cutting speed of 92 m/sec
  • Powerful intermediate gear box, designed for tractors over 220 kW, with integrated freewheel and switchable chopper drive

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