“TÜV NORD-certified
Müthing protection!”

Müthing safety –
Your advantage

Maximum safety
Certified to ISO/WD 17101-2
CE Machinery Directives

Worth knowing

Landscaping – Maximum protection included. 

For users, this means maximum safety for people and objects in the immediate vicinity during work and therefore safe use during visiting hours in parks, residential areas and on busy roadsides. Standard is not enough for us.

We have made our machinery even safer than the CE Machinery Directive requires. We have had the thrown-object test and acceptance criteria for flail mowers in accordance with ISO/WD 17101-2 checked and certified by the independent, accredited TÜV Nord (Technical Inspection Association). This enables an official safety clearance of 8 metres to the front and rear and 2 metres to the right and left. Müthing – Always one step ahead.

“One way or another
the right solution”
Whether mulching, scarifying or collecting!”

One way or another – Always a good solution

Always a good solution

“You have to be able
to cope with


Adjustable hydropneumatics
For all front-mounted implements

S: Safety during transport and
during work

O: Optimisation of traction (towing vehicle)
and contact pressure (attachment)

F: First-rate guidance of implement during transport
and during work

A : Adaptation of the unit to the
current conditions

Worth knowing

Europe’s agricultural machinery manufacturers have to manufacture their machines in accordance with CE machinery directives.

  • Noticeably improves the steerability and traction of the tractor with front-mounted implements.
  • Offers significantly improved comfort for the driver during transport and while working.
  • Improves the depth guidance and ground following of front-mounted implements and thus the operation of the equipment.
  • Makes it easier to maintain a uniform distance from the ground and prevents damage due to heavy contact with the ground.
  • Features simple adjustability of the weight transfer function to various weight and working requirements.
  • Protects the implements from wear and absorbs vibrations during transport and while working.
  • Removes the need for additional implement accessories such as front wheels and spring-based weight transfer systems.

MU-SOFA® tractor mounting

Mounted directly on the tractor, the contact pressure can be quickly adjusted when switching between front-mounted implements such as flail mowers, mowers or snow ploughs.
The MU-SOFA® can be easily integrated into all of the hydraulic circuits commonly used in front hydraulics (installation time approx. 4 hours)

MU-SOFA® implement mounting

With MU-SOFA® mobile, permanent attachment to the respective
implement is possible. To do so, an additional T-piece is
connected to the hydraulic feed line of the tractor.

“The smarter flail mower
adapts to the conditions.”

The highest level of

Working comfort
CE Machinery Directives

Worth knowing

The MU-Vario® system

Versatile use – The right processing for every crop
Individual settings for different conditions and materials such as grass, reeds, shrubs, leaves and branches.

Flexibly variable shredding rate
Thanks to the adjustable cutting bar, the shredding rate of the mulch can be variably adjusted.

Because every crop is different

The MU-Vario® system allows you to adjust the flail mower to your conditions thanks to its optimal intake and housing form, variable PTO shaft speeds, an infinitely variable Vario cutting bar and a swivelling short-cut flap.




Adjustable cutting bar

This enables the shredding rate to be infinitely adjusted to the respective requirements.


Shark fin

Ensures uniform shredding of all particles and homogeneous mulch.


Swivelling short-cut flap

Turns the flail mower into a piece of equipment that can be used all year round in a wide range of conditions.


Short-cut flap swivelled downwards:

  • Extremely strong suction effect to stand up compacted grass and produce a top-class cutting pattern.
  • Ideal for use on demanding surfaces and with short cutting lengths.
  • Perfect for football pitches, sports grounds and golf courses.
  • The fine mulch is deposited uniformly for fast decomposition.
  • Heap formation is avoided to ensure uniform nutrient recirculation and a clean appearance.


Short-cut flap swivelled upwards:

  • High throughput and lower power requirements for taller crops and areas with a lot of plant mass.
  • Ideal for non-intensive groundcare and areas of tall growth.
  • Reduced suction effect and a larger inlet area for fast working and reduced shredding.
  • Uniform mulch discharge to cover the surface of the ground.

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