This is Müthing

Müthing is one of the leading suppliers of innovative mulching technology in Europe. Customers from 32 countries have associated the Müthing brand with quality products “Engineered in Germany” for many decades.

The basis for sustainable success

In 1898, the Müthing company was founded as a trader of
scythes and spare parts in the Sauerland region. The first
Müthing flail mower was developed, designed and sold as
far back as 1998. Just two years later, the flail mowers were
being exported to many different countries.

A family business with more than 120 years of tradition.
Passion and experience, combined with a customer-focused
approach, form the heart of the company – which is now
being managed by the 4th generation of the family.
Customers, employees and system partners place a great
deal of trust in the company due to its qualities of reliability
and independence. This helps to ensure the long-term
success of the company.

We are constantly evolving

For many years, Müthing has been a byword for outstanding work results thanks to its pioneering Vario flail mowers.
In cooperation with technology partners from the scientific and research sectors, as well as customers from many countries, the company is continuously developing new products that combine agriculture and sustainability.
Constant innovations are the key to designing professional and contemporary landscaping technology combined with sustainable protection of insects to preserve the overall
ecological environment. Through constant dialogue with users, the family company produces flail mowers that meet the high demands of daily use and fulfill practical

The Müthing company began trading in scythes and spare parts in 1898 and is now in its fourth generation of mulching technology on the market. In addition to agricultural mulchers, they also offer technology for landscaping as well as for special crops such as orchards and vineyards.


The first mulcher of the “Müthing” brand was developed, manufactured and sold in this year. The yellow mulchers were being exported throughout Europe just two years later.


models in rigid or hydraulically folding versions, mounted or semi-mounted, as well as front, rear or side includes the Müthing product range . With the MU-Vario system, even the shredding rate of the mulch can be variably adjusted.

91.520 m

of mulch rotor working width have left the factory since 1998. Arranged back to back, that is roughly equivalent to the distance from London to Oxford. Müthing offers working widths from 0.80 to 8.60 metres.

1,44 million

flails have been installed by Müthing in new machines in recent years. There are six different types for different requirements. The heaviest tool weighs 2.7 kg and comes with a three-year warranty against breakage.

120 people

are currently employed by the Müthing Group in development, prototyping, assembly, sales and service in various branches. Some components for the mulchers are manufactured by partner companies.


spare parts are available from inventory. The spare part can be on the way to the customer within hours or can be picked up from one of twelve support centres in Germany.

135 KG

of mixed gravel are required in order to perform a thrown-object test certified by the TÜV Nord Technical Inspection Association. After successfully passing inspection, the implements only need a safety clearance of 8 m to the front and rear as well as 2 m to the right and left.

3,0 g

of accuracy is achieved by Müthing when balancing rotors. A balancing centre constructed especially for this purpose allows Müthing to provide this service at its site in Soest.

32 countries

are currently supplied with Müthing technology on five different continents

Mulchen beginnt mit M – wie Müthing!