Müthing: The Hippodung CombiMulcher by Müthing is a new and innovative equipment combination that combines work steps in pasture care

The Hippodung CombiMulcher by Müthing is an innovative equipment combination that brings together the mulching of pasture areas with the simultaneous application of biostimulants such as the Hippodung pasture activator to control the decomposition process.

The Hippodung CombiMulcher by Müthing expands the product range with a professional solution for pasture care. With this solution, Müthing mulchers with the proven MU-Vario® system can in future be expanded to include a spraying system for the application of biostimulants of various kinds.
The main components of the Hippodung CombiMulcher by Müthing consist of a front-mounted spray bar (1), a tank with pump (2), the rotor (3) with variably adjustable shear bar (4), the support roller (5) and a rear-mounted spray bar (6).
The application takes place in two steps. Firstly, the material to be mulched is wetted with liquid before it is shredded by the rotor and the shear bar. After the shredded mulch has been deposited behind the support roller, further treatment is carried out to ensure optimal wetting of the material. With a working width of 1.60 m, the tank capacity is 220 litres, while the models with working widths of 2.20 m and 2.80 m have a tank capacity of 440 litres. The application rate can be regulated in a simple and user-friendly way by manually adjusting the operating pressure of the system and the driving speed.

The regular use of a flail mower in pasture care results in a significant improvement in the growth and vitality of the grassland crop. Particularly in problematic areas such as manure patches that can lead to areas of rampant growth, the mulcher allows the growth to be topped and prepared to the desired cutting height. This increases the surface area of the organic material, accelerates the decomposition process and promotes the regrowth of the turf. In addition, manure residues are uniformly distributed by the mulching process, which leads to faster decomposition, and minimises the risk of parasite transmission. Regular topping starves weeds and reduces the sowing of weed seeds, as well as actively influencing the species composition towards higher quality forage grasses.

The additional application of biostimulants such as Hippodung pasture activator primarily supports the processes of decomposition and conversion of organic material. The Hippodung CombiMulcher by Müthing enables the application of a wide variety of water-soluble preparations in many different forms, including plant additives, plant strengthening agents and soil additives.

Müthing also believes that the concept will be effective in arable applications in future. With regard to the intensive processing of crop residues, the combination with larger mulchers would therefore also be conceivable in the future.

The Hippodung CombiMulcher by Müthing will be available in limited quantities in working widths of 1.60 m, 2.20 m and 2.80 m from spring 2024. The mulcher can, of course, also be used for all work without using the spraying system.

The Müthing trade fair team at Agritechnica 2023 is looking forward to assisting and advising the visitors and providing information on all aspects of mulching at Stand B33 in Hall 11.
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