New: Müthing CoverSeeder 600 – An innovative sowing method for catch crops now with 6 m working width.

With a working width of 6 m, the new CoverSeeder 600 defines the standards for powerful and efficient crop residue management, combined with the simultaneous sowing of catch crops.

In 2022, Müthing’s CoverSeeder was awarded a silver medal in the AGRITECHNICA Innovation Award in the Seeding and Cultivation Technology category. The Müthing CoverSeeder enables the processing of crop residues after harvesting and the targeted spreading and covering of seed in one operation, without having to carry out prior soil preparation.

Based on a great deal of practical experience with the CoverSeeder 280 with a working width of 2.80 m, the system has now been expanded to the CoverSeeder 600 with a working width of 6.00 m. The larger working width provides for even stronger performance after the grain and maize harvest and allows crop residue management to be combined with the sowing of catch crops.

The hydraulically folding implement is designed for driving powers of up to 300 hp. The 500-litre seed tank of the hydraulically driven pneumatic seeder minimises filling times and maximises the work rate. The seeder and seed bar are integrated into the mulcher as modules and can be dismantled with little effort in order to use the mulcher for conventional operations.

The main components of the CoverSeeder 600 consist of the rotor (1) with variably adjustable shear bar (2), the seed bar (3) and the support roller (4). In the first step, the stubble is separated close to the ground by the double spiral rotor and all the organic matter is picked up from the surface due to the suction effect, resulting in a soil surface free of crop residues. With the aid of the shear bar, the shredding rate of the crop residues can be variably adjusted and the suction effect additionally varied. This means that even green, unripe straw is no problem to pick up and process. Specially formed baffle plates inside the seed bar allow uniform and comprehensive application on the soil surface that was cleared immediately beforehand using the broadcast sowing method. Above the seed bar, the rotor releases the processed organic material again so that the required coverage of the seed by the mulch layer is ensured. Finally, the support roller ensures good soil contact and thus provides optimal germination conditions for the seed.

The Müthing CoverSeeder 600 not only allows agricultural operations to make even better use of the advantages of a well-developed catch crop, but also offers great potential for improving their profitability, as the machine can of course also be used all year round for mulching and maintenance work in arable farming and grassland operations, in addition to very cost-efficient sowing.

Developed in close cooperation with users and trial farms, the CoverSeeder 600 makes it possible to adapt powerful direct sowing technology to a base machine, allowing for a high rate of implement utilisation. This increases the versatility of the machinery pool of farmers and contractors, while reducing costs at the same time. Depending on the prevailing conditions, the CoverSeeder enables direct sowing of catch crops with all of the related benefits immediately after harvesting of the main crop. If other methods need to be used due to the conditions, the base machine can still be used as a powerful mulcher.

The Müthing CoverSeeder will be available in limited quantities from May 2024.

The Müthing trade fair team at Agritechnica 2023 is looking forward to assisting and advising the visitors and providing information on all aspects of mulching at Stand B33 in Hall 11.

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